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Barbara Exposito developed Stellar Synergy, which provides Empowerment Mindset Intuitive Coaching & Consulting to individuals, leaders, and organizations who want to change their life from the inside out. Barbara has acquired numerous skills and information throughout the course of her career, aligning her to take a comprehensive approach to ensuring profitability and success.

Barbara also has a Master’s Degree in Science in Organizational Design, Professional Coach Training, and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, which qualifies her to bring out the best in you and your organization. Master Reiki/Teacher and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-Tapping) Certified Practitioner with an Associate’s Degree in Mass Communications. Barbara has had a significant impact on worldwide enterprises as a creative and results-driven Human Resources Executive throughout her career. As a strategic business partner, Barbara has demonstrated effectiveness in driving organizational change and transformation. She has a background in developing and executing unique and creative ways to help herself and her clients become more conscious of their energy and how their mentality affects their reality while staying on track with organizational objectives. Barbara is also the creator of the podcast Unconscious Blueprint.

Barbara provides tactical training and multi-dimensional techniques that individuals, teams, and organizations will need to confront the most pressing challenges head on through Core Energy Coaching and the Energy Leadership Development Series. Barbara is a results-oriented Human Resources Executive with a track record of leading organizational change and transformation as a strategic business partner. Designing and implementing new Organizational Design & HR programs to promote business culture, employee engagement, and bottom-line results has been a career highlight.

Barbara is a lifelong learner who is motivated by ethics and leads from her heart. She is passionate about personal growth and development while also assisting others. Barbara has always been driven to use her passion, talents, and knowledge to make a positive difference. She has experienced anguish and sadness since she was a child. Her Hispanic parents raised her in Miami, Florida. She met her biological father at the age of nine and grew up in a trailer park in Sweetwater, Florida. Her childhood weekend outings included visitations to the prison where her stepfather was detained. She began working at the age of 15, while still in high school and a member of the Miami Coral Park Senior High dance squad. Impacted by domestic violence, she left her childhood home at the age of 17 and battled along the way, but always managed to land on her feet.

Regardless of hardship or challenges, Barbara has always been motivated to succeed and achieve her objectives and dreams. Barbara made the decision to forge her own path rather than allowing her upbringing to shape her future. Barbara was chosen as an intern and cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders when she was 18 years old, and she served as captain of the team for three years. Following her fourth season with the Miami Dolphins, she was invited to join the Miami Heat Dancers. With all of the possibilities and growth she was exposed to during her stint with both professional organizations, her experiences and growth as a member of both the NFL and NBA have eternally forged her career forward.

Barbara is most pleased of her role as a mother to three beautiful children: a 14 year old son and 11 and 7 year old daughters. Her two oldest children have learning challenges, which makes life difficult for them on a daily basis. Barbara was previously married for 17 years, and their children benefit greatly from their bond following our divorce.

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