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business consulting miami

Coaching for Empowerment and Energy

The Ultimate Transformative Adventure

The International Coaching Federation has approved the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the world’s leading coach training institutes (ICF).
Our unique training allows us to find inner blind spots, gently bring awareness to the client, and alter these inner obstacles to grow new viewpoints and helpful beliefs that support the client’s achievement on a deep and long-term basis. This makes Stellar Synergy one of the best business consulting companies in Miami.

The client feels more at ease and less anxious about the topic at hand (and life in general) as more inner obstacles are eliminated! A recipe for radical and long-term success is set in action when the client discovers their core passions and motivators.

“We’d genuinely astound ourselves if we performed what we’re capable of” – Edison, Thomas

Stellar Synergy | Business Consulting Miami

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