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Stellar Synergy Services

1. Leadership Coaching Series | Talent Optimization

Whether you’re growing, refining, or redesigning your company, you need highly-productive employees and leaders who are aligned with your culture and mission. You need teams who move in sync to execute your company’s strategic goals. 
Without a workforce that’s engaged and high performing, it’ll be difficult to scale, get unstuck, or meet any other business goal. This is why coaching and talent optimization are so critical to the success of the company. This discipline allows you to design and develop your people for maximum output and results.


​2. Operational Support


We are responsible for helping a company’s leaders and teams be more productive, work more effectively, and deliver better service to their customers.

We partner with your leadership team to create an environment in which they can do their best work and not be distracted or delayed by problems with tooling, processes, or logistics.

Rather than working primarily with customers, we partner with your internal staff — the support team themselves, customer service leaders, and senior company management.


3. Solutions Services & Outsourcing 


We understand your struggles when it comes to processing payroll, navigating HRIS systems, benefits, and insurance. We partner with company leaders to review their current needs and align the organization to the best
solutions. Being a boutique consulting firm, we partner with multiple vendors and brokers in order to service our customers.


Let’s work together and run a financial analysis comparing your current structure to possible solutions that are aligned to your business + talent strategy. We even offer payroll and benefit administration outsourcing to allow
you to focus on what is most impactful, your business!


Stellar Synergy is a boutique consulting firm that partners with organizations to strategize and develop tools and processes that clear obstacles for leaders. Our goal is to ensure you are maximizing your time and productivity to reach goals and forecasted projections year over year, with sustainable growth.


I took Barbara’s Energy Leadership program and worked with her personally. I learned that leadership or leading has nothing to do with being a boss or manager and it is all about influence. The whole assessment debrief was awesome and she made me feel comfortable though the whole process. I wish I would have started this years ago.

Ray Castillo
Published Author, Entrepreneur

Barbara is one of the most enthusiastic, motivated people I’ve ever known.  She came to the agency as my assistant and, within a few years, was practically running the place and keeping 600 people in step.  If I ever decide to un-retire, I’ll hire her again in a second.

Chuck Porter
Founder and former Chairman
Crispin Porter + Bogusky Advertising

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