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To assure success, Stellar Synergy (HR consulting company in Doral & Kendall) provides people and organizations with the tools they need to unleash sustainable performance and efficiency while connecting the four bodies (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual).

Today’s leaders and companies face unprecedented difficulties, ranging from establishing a new hybrid workplace to supply chain disruption to keeping excellent personnel in the face of high attrition and resignation rates.

People are the limited and defining resource that drives a company’s productivity and expansion. We also know that healthy businesses outperform their competitors. The capacity to attract and retain excellent talent, produce inclusive and inspiring leaders, invest in the essential competencies to meet business goals, and design an organization to enable space for speed and innovation are the differentiators for enterprises today.

HR consulting company in Doral
What We Do
hr consulting company in Doral



We collaborate with our clients to guarantee that their businesses can achieve the transformation they desire while also sustaining it over time. We believe in universal empathy. We believe in the importance of being honest and leading from a place of love. We believe in creating experiences that are aligned with the appropriate people and address the right problems.

We believe that implementing workflow processes and aligning to the organization’s mission is a breeze if the organization’s health and culture are based on a firm foundation of high vibrating energy.

We believe that cultivating a positive energy culture is the first step toward building customer and staff loyalty. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy to people and clients; instead, we choose a flexible and fluid approach that allows us to align with your organizational needs and become a member of your team. This makes Stellar Synergy the top HR consulting company in Doral & Kendall.

Who We Are
hr consulting company in doral



Barbara Exposito developed Stellar Synergy, which provides Empowerment Mindset Intuitive Coaching & Consulting to individuals, leaders, and organizations who want to change their life from the inside out. Barbara has acquired numerous skills and information throughout the course of her career, aligning her to take a comprehensive approach to ensuring profitability and success.



Stellar Synergy | HR Consulting Company in Doral

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