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Women Leadership Program

A Program Offered by Barbara Exposito, Stellar Synergy

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This is for YOU IF...

You are a high-achieving women who is loking for a better way at accomplishing their goals without sacrificing peace or settling for less than they deserve.



What I Do?

I help high-achieving women achieve their life goals (ex: health, wealth, relationship goals) without having to sacrificing their peace-of-mind or settle for less than they deserve by upgrading their mindset.

Program Includes:

  1. Four one hour one-on-one power sessions

  2. One Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  3. One hour ELI Debrief, where we dive into how you view the world under stress

  4. One weekly LIVE Q&A Group session on Zoom

  5. One emergency session

  6. Simple unconscious blueprint strategies for shifting your mindset

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Program Guarantee

I promise you will reach your goal if you put into consistent action my unconscious blueprint! Increase your CONFIDENCE and SELF LOVE by the end of this 8-week program. If you do not see results, I will keep working with you.

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