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Helping working mother’s create synergy between motherhood and their careers. 

As a working mother of 3, I have a passion of helping working mothers find a blend between being a mother and following their careers while still dreaming BIG in all areas of their lives. We partner with working mothers to find their inner confidence and achieve success and release her inner critic. 

It’s no secret that as working mothers we often feel a little out of sorts juggling work and home, career and motherhood and everything in between. Some days we feel like a boss mom, other days, we are walking around with so much internal guilt because we missed a school event or on the reverse we missed a work meeting.


In today’s society, we have to live up to social standards verses creating our own standards and defining how we measure success.  What if I told you that there was a way to increase your level of consciousness and be more at peace with yourself and all of the hats that you wear? How interested would you be in getting your sense of confidence back, along with thriving through your career and mommy responsibilities? 

This program was designed for working mothers despite where they are in their career journey, including expecting mothers-to-be. 

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