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My name is Barbara Exposito from Stellar Synergy (HR Consulting Company in Doral) and I recently left Corporate America as an HR Executive with my background of Global Organizations to offer my Coaching & Consulting Services. 

We understand the struggle you are facing to attract and retain talent in today's workforce. We see this struggle as a huge opportunity at Stellar Synergy. While we offer a la carte services, our passion is to create synergy between the business strategy and talent strategy, while optimizing for talent (people). Ensuring you have the right people in the right positions, being led according to their work styles, overlapped by the department's strategy.

Is Stellar Synergy right for you?

Do you have an HR department in house?

Do you find yourself with high turnover and/or low morale?

Stellar Synergy is a boutique HR/Business Consulting Company in Doral & Kendall. We've worked with organizations ranging from 1-10 employees to over 4,000 employees. 
We often find that internal HR Departments are so in the weeds with the transactional responsibilities that they are not able to incorporate that strategic business partner role that is vital to the success of the organization. We would be an extension of the HR Departments, driving decisions driven by data. Our approach is simple: individual > team > strategy > fit + strategy. This makes us one of the top HR Consulting Company in Doral & Kendall.

If you've resonated with my approach to people, I would love the opportunity to have you schedule a discovery meeting as our next steps.

Michael Garcia
President/CEO Ocean Mazda 

The best part about Stellar Synergy is their efficiency and energy to get things done properly and in a timely manner. They are a great asset to any company and can help tackle any issues or help achieve new goals. They understand how to work with different personalities within an organization and work to their respective strengths.

 Alex Marban

Barbara brings to the table a level professionalism and knowledge rarely seen in the consulting space. She has surrounded herself with a Team that echoes her level of transparency and knowledge that helped identify shortcomings while providing options for solutions from the very start. They have raised the bar for future collaborations. 


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